Cute Silverware Idea

One of the things that always throws me while having a party is what to do with the silverware when serving buffet style.

Do I just lay it on the counter? That doesn’t look too good.

What do I put it in?

This weekend we stopped for a beverage at a fun food cart in Portland and I saw this idea  – I loved it.  Could hardly believe it was a foodcart – antique silverware.

I love the idea of putting the silverware in mason jars!  How pretty is that!?


Do you have a fun idea you use for silverware at a party?  Leave a comment and let me know!


3 Responses to “Cute Silverware Idea”
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    Very cute! I love Mason jars for almost anything!

    I usually wrap each set of silverware in a colorful napkin and tie it up with a pretty ribbon. The I put them all in small baskets or pretty cups for the guests to each take their own set.

  2. 2
    Cara says:

    I have a white wooden silverware caddy that I use for most gatherings. When it’s a fancy event, I either wrap them in the napkins similar to the comment above or place them in crystal glassware or dishes.

  3. 3
    MelanieL says:

    I really love this! I like that they’re clear so you can see what utensil you’re grabbing and be able to pick it up by the handle and not the part you eat off of! I’ve been to parties where the containers are not clear and the hostess has put them handle side down therefore exposing them to germy fingers. Very cute idea and pratical!

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